Dinner Menu

For the Table

texas cheese board 12/18

for one or two

house charcuterie 12/18

for one or two

best of both 14/20

combination for one or two

East Coast Oyster 3


'Smoked' Crab Rillette 12

Potato chips, sea salt, caviar


Texas Corn Soup 8

garlic aioli, roasted “street” corn, guajillo powder

Hamachi Sashimi 12

avocado, grapefruit brulée, cucumber, candied bacon crumbs, sea beans

Baby Iceberg Wedge 9

house bacon, smoked blue cheese, preserved mustard, cornbread crumbs

Pepper Greens Salad 8

watercress, fennel, strawberry oats, tomme, chia seed vinaigrette

Waygu beef carpaccio 12

cured egg, chimichurri, local cheese, Hausbar greens

Maryland Soft Shell Crab 10

salt and pepper style, lemon miso, shaved chilies, garden herbs, radish

Local Asparagus 9

chorizo Iberico, frisée, fried egg foam, asparagus variations

Big Eye Tuna Crudo 10

watermelon, heirloom tomato, Thai basil, radish, nuoc mam


Humitas Corn Tamale 24

Oaxaca cheese, charred onion, chili lime popcorn, ancho mole

Roasted Local Half Chicken 28

alliums, baby squash, potato purée, natural jus, flowering herbs

Seared Red Snapper 30

field peas, cucumber, buttermilk, shrimp hushpuppy, smoked bacon air

Georges Bank Scallops 34

calcified heirloom carrot, carrot purée, polenta panisse, cara cara leather

Spring Lamb Chops 36

cauliflower-chalaca chili casserole, pumpkin seed pesto, cilantro

Silver Fern Farms Ribeye 38

lobster-roasted potato taquito, ice spinach, bordelaise


Vanilla Cornmeal Pound Cake 8

blueberry basil mascarpone, sweet corn ice cream, single origin white chocolate

Strawberry Buttermilk Panna Cotta 8

vanilla-balsamic syrup, candied rhubarb, Szechuan peppercorn shortbread

Lemon, Lemon, Lemon 8

lemon curd, lemon verbena mousse, lemon biscuit, raspberry thyme gelée, local honeyed goat cheese

Chocolate Banoffee Mousse 8

banana curd, housemade toffee, salted caramel, chocolate crisp cereal